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 Fundraising Researches:

    To ensure success and expansion of each e-bridge project. For Bladi organization focuses in providing high quality services from defining fundraising strategies to implementing impact monitoring in order to guaranty the progress and the sustainability of e-bridge projects.

Funding Opportunities Research:

    For Bladi organization performs funding opportunities Research to identify the best funding opportunities matching the needs of each e-bridge project to assure the progress, sustainability and autonomy of the e-bridge projects.

Bid Writing:

    To strengthen the chance of success for each e-bridge project fundraising. For Bladi organization prepares professional bid writing for each project using persuasive and compelling narrative and highlighting the key goals of each project and its intended impact for the potential funders.

Project Study:

    To ensure the success of each e-bridge project, For Bladi organization performs a fundraising feasibility study and project evaluation for each project to increase the chance of its success and to secure its financial sustainability. We take our responsibility to ensure that needed resources are vigorously sought and fulfilled.

Fundraising Feasibility Services:

    A fundraising feasibility study is an important tool to identify the options and the scope of potential funding from different sources and distinguishes the projects risks. We use our skills and expertise to take forward the planning and development of each project to ensure high efficiency by following rigorous steps:
  • Analyze and review the plan of each project to better determine its strengths and weaknesses.

  • Set clear the goals for the fundraising campaign of the project and specify all aspects of planning, progress and the engagement of the different parties and stakeholders involved in the project.

  • Conducting a funding Prospect review and research to determine most appropriate funding sources and evaluate the internal and external factors that will impact our fundraising campaign.

  • Start our fundraising campaign and target the potential funding sources.

Project Evaluation:

   Project evaluation is essential for the assessment of the effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability of  e-bridge projects. To maintain the impact and sustainability of each project, For Bladi organization performs regularly project evaluations to evaluate and to ensure the needs of the project beneficiaries are met.

    We monitor the projects to assess their impact in order to improve their quality and to increase their effectiveness .
    In our project evaluation, we identify the nature and scope of each project and conduct additional research and consultation. In the end, we use all the results, statistics and analysis about the strengths and weaknesses of each project to identify the best strategy to take the project forward.

Project Needs Assessment:

    Needs assessment is a crucial step to implement successful projects, it is essential to determine the scope and impact of the project on the beneficiaries and to address the needs of critical areas that require action.
    For Bladi organization carries out needs assessment to support the e-bridge project, and we follow a rigorous process:

  • We analyze and determine the “gap” between the current situation and the necessary, uncover areas of strength and weakness and identify the needs, purposes and objectives of the projects.

  • Collect appropriate data from stakeholders and the different parties involved in the projects.

  • Collect appropriate data from current and potential beneficiaries.

  • Tabulate and analyze the results to get a clear picture of action steps.

  • The final results are presented in an action plan for each project.

Review & Monitoring:

    In order to assure financial sustainability for the e-bridge project, For Bladi organization follows different procedures and methodologies to increase and diversify the funding sources for the projects.

Fundraising Strategy:

    Depending on the context of each e-bridge project and the challenges it implies. For Bladi organization deploys the adequate fundraising strategy in order to help the beneficiaries benefit from the project they want to achieve.
    Our process helps to determinate the right fundraising strategy to follow for each e-bridge project. We evaluate each project to understand its needs and define the best solutions to better meet the current and also future fundraising needs, then, we set an action plan to target the funding sources and monitor the outcomes for each e-bridge project.

Fundraising Review:

    To ensure the sustainability and the performance of the e-bridge projects,We review regularly our  fundraising strategies to identify the strengths and weaknesses in our strategy and our approach to funders. This help us to better serve the project beneficiaries and be able to fix any deficiencies or  emerging threats to the projects progress.

Impact Monitoring:

  Impact monitoring is a crucial process to ensure our fundraising strategies are satisfying the needs of each project . The monitoring help us understand, measure and improve the outcomes of our fundraising strategies to better serve the needs of each e-bridge project and ensure its progress and sustainability.

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