Coexist Initiative

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Coexist Initiative

    The Coexist Initiative aims to provide digital platforms to religious institutions for free, these digital platforms consist of a full featured e-learning management systems. The purpose of this initiative is to build bridges of communication between religious institutions and the public, dedicated primarily to engage in a civilized dialogue in order to reinforce the values of coexistence within the society. In addition to the digital platforms called "e-Bridges", For Bladi offers free training courses to qualify the human resources of religious institutions to be able to manage the digital platforms.
    This initiative is managed by two approaches:
  • A technological approach: where we provide development, security and administration services necessary for the proper functioning of Bridge's infrastructure and applications.

  • A financial and human resources approach: where we offer training for the development of religious institutions human resources and seeks sources of financing to cover the costs of the development, security and administration of e-Bridge...


Our Values:

    We believe that the coexistence of religions is the foundation for building a civilization where peace and stability reign. Despite the difference in our beliefs, there are common values that unite us and strengthen our unity:

  • Faith in God the Creator.

  • Respect and veneration of the Creator.

  • Respect for Human Rights.

  • Respect for family integrity.

  • Preservation of the property of others.

  • Preservation and protection of nature.

  • The institution of justice.

Our Vision:

    We believe that the future is for the values of coexistence, love and peace and that the society of tomorrow will respect the other, accept diversity and transcend into a larger perspective where all its elements are united in a constant harmony not as different religions and communities but as one single human nation.

Our Mission*:

   Promote the emergence of a broad social movement for the just treatment of religious minorities in Muslim countries and to raise awareness as to their rights, and also to work intellectually, culturally, educationally and in the media to prepare a fertile ground for the emergence of this social movement.
* Marrakesh declaration

Our Goals:

 To promote the emergence of a broad social movement for the just treatment of religious minorities in Muslim countries and to raise awareness as to their rights, we work to achieve the following goals:

  • The design and development of means of communication to support the dialogue of religions.

  • The development of educational solutions, resources and curricula to educate and train rising generations to respect the values of coexistence and peace.

  • The organization of cultural, educational and awareness-raising activities and training for anchoring the values of coexistence in society.

  • Provide free means and expertise to religious people and religious institutes to create coexistence bridges.

  • Work in community media and official media to raise awareness of society and promote the values of coexistence and the culture of dialogue.

  • Converge intellectual and artistic creativity to serve the cause of dialogue and the coexistence of religions.

Coexist initiative

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