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The word of For Bladi

    We believe that "the consolidation of cultural dialogue and the respect for cultural diversity cannot become an international reality unless they are deeply rooted at the national level, making it possible for each citizen to embrace them and to claim them as their own". *   Today, we are witnessing the emergence of a new global cultural model shaped by globalization and new technologies. In working to be key players in it, we have devoted all our efforts to create a digital bridge of dialogue and a communication channel using the modern technologies. We hope this new tool will be a bridge between civilizations and a space for the education and training of all, especially young people, with the values of living together and coexistence in a framework governed by dialogue, collaboration and the service of humanity.
* The message of HM King Mohammed VI addressed to the participants at the International Conference on Strengthening the Dialogue of Civilizations and Respect for Cultural Diversity

Our Story

    We started as activists in the civil society to defend the rights of religious minorities. Youness ER-RAIBA, the President of For Bladi, participated as a Human Rights Activist in the coordination committee of Homena Organization in partnership with Damir movement chaired by Salah El Ouadie. This coordination committee was created to prepare for the participation in the World Human Rights Forum which will be hold in Marrakesh from 27 to 30 November 2014. Our participation in the World Human Rights Forum aimed at raising awareness about the rights of religious minorities and to promote values of coexistence and cross cultural dialog and exchange.

    To implement the recommendations of the Religious Minorities Rights defense committee in the reality, we decided to create an organism to execute our vision about defending the religious minorities rights. So For Bladi organization was created in 2015 to make our vision a reality and activate the dialog between civilizations and to consolidate the value of coexistence on the ground.
To defend the rights of religious minorities, For Bladi organization participated in many community media events organized by institutions like: the CFI subsidiary of France Media World group, Community Media Solutions (UK), AMARC (Canada), Community Media Network (Jordan), e-joussour (Morocco),… We urged the actors in the community media on the importance of defending the rights of religious minorities and raising awareness about the values of coexistence and accepting others as they are in the civil society.

    On July 25, 2015, we launched the 1000 free media platform initiative to provide free digital media platforms to the actors in the civil society in addition to offering training courses on Media skills taught by professional Journalists like the radio journalist Madani Derrouz.

    On January 25, 2016, the Marrakesh Declaration Conference was held in Marrakesh and was attended by a large number of Muslim scholars, thinkers and their ministers and Muftis of different sects and orientations from more than 120 countries, representatives of the relevant religions and others, inside and outside the Islamic world, and representatives of Islamic and international organizations. They called to “develop a jurisprudence of the concept of "citizenship" which is inclusive of diverse groups. Such jurisprudence shall be rooted in Islamic tradition and principles and mindful of global changes” and to support “all formulations and initiatives that aim to fortify relations and understanding among the various religious groups in the Muslim World”. The Marrakesh Declaration was a direct call for us as actors in the civil society to work for change and to establish a broad movement for the just treatment of religious minorities in Muslim countries and to raise awareness as to their rights, and to promote values of coexistence and cultural diversity.

    So For Bladi organization started to organize training courses, seminars and various activities and workshops to raise awareness about the importance of respecting the rights of religious minorities and to promote the values of Civilizations dialog and  to fortify relations and understanding among the various religious groups in the society.
    We also coordinated with many Civil society actors to organize training courses and workshops like Munathara workshop directed by Aiman Amalik, the president of 4Chabab Association. For Bladi organization organized also many training courses in Religious minorities rights taught by Moroccan and Foreign Human Right Activists among them, Kutaiba- Kasem Alarab, the president of the National Council for Human Rights in Syria.

    The preliminary results of this initiative didn’t live up to the expectations and didn’t achieve the expected impact of encouraging the actors in the civil society to get involved and promote the rights of religious minorities through Media due to the diversity of the domains they target in their activities.

    The board members of For Bladi organization decided to reformulate a new strategy commensurate with the reality and the resources of the organization to effectively and efficiently achieve its goals.

    In 2017, we started to work according to a new framework, we called “Bridge Framework”, which defines and frames the range of the organization activities and its operating rules to better achieve its goals.
The Bridge framework focuses on providing technological support and training to the religious institutions for free according to an integrated perspective where The Invention Academy company provides the technology and the For Bladi organization furnishes the training and the funding.
After studying many effective initiatives in the civil society, we decided to benefit from the model of the e-joussour initiative in the community media. So, we developed a customized model suitable for the religious institutions, we called e-Bridge. ( Joussour in Arabic means bridges).

    The development of the Bridge Model took more than two years to evolve into an integrated solution in the technological, administrative and financial levels as we worked on various axes:

- Managing and securing the infrastructure based on Cloud computing.
- Developing, managing and securing the applications on which the Bridge Model depends.
- Developing the appropriate technologies to publish and create content.
- Providing the support and the training to qualify the administrators and users of Bridge.
- Finding Funding solutions to finance the costs of Bridge implementation and to guaranty the availability of Bridge services for free to the religious institutions.

    We are still working in developing new solutions to facilitate the communication between the religious institutions and the target audience, we took into consideration in our developed solutions to be easy to use, secure and to provide an effective communication channel with multi-functions and features. 
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